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Effects of Missing Teeth

We’ve talked before about the effects that periodontal disease can have on the rest of the body, but tooth loss has other effects that most people don’t think about. Studies have shown that people that have fewer than 20 of their own teeth are more likely to become frail and have weak joints and muscles. … Continue reading Effects of Missing Teeth

New Year, New You

As we begin the New Year we start to see all the posts about New Year resolutions, lifestyle changes, “new year, new me,” you get the point. There’s something about the excitement of change and we don’t want you to miss out. This is the year you can make the change you’ve always wanted to … Continue reading New Year, New You

The Perfect Holiday Gift

There is always that one person around the holidays that just seems impossible to shop for. They either already have everything or you don’t think they’ll like anything you get. Look no further because we have the perfect gift idea for you! The Oral-B powered toothbrush is an excellent gift for this holiday season. The … Continue reading The Perfect Holiday Gift

Use it or Lose it!

You decide this year that you are going to buy your family season passes to your favorite amusement park. The tickets are good until the end of the year. The year comes and goes before you know it and you didn’t make it to the park at all. Just like that the season passes are … Continue reading Use it or Lose it!