Benefits of Fluoride

When asking a handful of hygienists what they would say is the most important preventative dental product that we offer most of them said fluoride.

If you come to our office regularly for your routine visits the hygienists have probably told you about fluoride every time. But, for those who don’t know fluoride has a number of benefits. Fluoride helps protect your teeth against cavities. So if you are at high risk for getting cavities or have a history of decay then fluoride is something that you should be getting every six months. It also helps strengthen your enamel by remineralizing the teeth and repair areas they are beginning to decay. Fluoride also helps with sensitivity. If you have areas of gum recession or have sensitive teeth after whitening fluoride is the perfect remedy. It also helps to protect and preserve old restorations like crowns and bridges, reducing the chance of decay between the restoration and tooth interface. Once the fluoride is brushed on to the affected areas it serves as a protective barrier for the teeth and is absorbed by the tooth surfa+ces for up to 4 hours.

Fluoride has become quick and simple to use. It takes about 1 minute to apply and you can eat or drink immediately after application. Everyone is a candidate to have fluoride applied but it is especially necessary for patients that are susceptible to cavities or have sensitivity. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; it’s better to pay for protective procedures now than it is to pay for restorative procedures down the road.