Dental Cleanings In Lancaster County, PA

Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville and Lancaster County, PA, cares about more than the cosmetic appearance of your teeth – we care about your whole body health.

That’s why we recommend teeth cleanings twice a year or every six months. At a cleaning appointment, our hygienists and dentists can identify areas of your mouth that need greater attention as well as gingivitis or more severe gum disease.

Having Bender Dental clean your teeth regularly prevents gum disease which, in turn, prevents infections in the mouth from causing diabetes complications, dementia, or heart disease. Regular cleanings also prevent tooth loss and bone loss. Loss of bone material in the jaw is what often causes an aged appearance.

At your cleaning, you can expect the hygienist or dentist to test the pockets in your gums around each tooth and to remove the tartar from your teeth above and below the gum line with special tools.

Patients that brush and floss regularly should have no discomfort, but there may be minor discomfort for those with neglected dental hygiene or gum disease.

Gum disease is a product of the immune system fighting plaque and tartar. When plaque and tartar reach under the gum line, the body sees them as foreign material and fights to get rid of them with inflammation.

This inflammation can damage tissue and bone. Because your immune system cannot win this war, it weakens and makes your body susceptible to further disease.

This is why teeth cleaning as a preventative measure is so important. When your body tries to handle it on its own, it ultimately fails at the task.

Call Bender Dental Group today and set up an appointment for a teeth cleaning. Your body will thank you!