Are you self-conscious about having bad breath?

Are you always covering your mouth when you talk? Or constantly reaching for a piece of gum? Well, you’re not alone. Having bad breath is common; but the causes are usually easy to fix. Some of the causes of bad breath include:

• Bacteria
• Food
• Tobacco use
• Poor oral hygiene
• Periodontal disease
• Medical conditions

Preventing bad breath is simple and can be implemented in your daily routines. So, start with the obvious: Brush and floss every day! When you brush, (which should be done in the morning and at night) don’t forget to brush your tongue. Most of the bacteria that cause bad breath sit on your tongue towards the back of your mouth. You can also prevent bad breath by quitting smoking, drinking water, and using over the counter mouthwash. And, of course, visit your dentist regularly. If you are concerned with what might be causing bad breath your dentist can help catch the problem before it gets worse.