Don’t Drop the Floss

Several months ago articles were released that questioned the benefits of flossing. Associated articles stated that there was a lack of evidence that proved flossing to be effective. Well, the dental world believes that flossing is still a crucial part to your oral hygiene.

To start off, judging the benefit of flossing is tough because there is no measure as to whether the technique was done correctly. For example, the results of flossing were far more effective when done in a professional setting such as a dentist office rather than on your own at home. If the proper technique is taught and then practiced then the results would be much more beneficial.

Many people assume that if they brush adamantly twice a day then there is no need to floss. That simply is not the case. The bristles of your tooth brush can’t get in between your teeth. Floss gets in those hard to reach places and pulls bacteria, food and plaque out from between your teeth. When plaque accumulates it can cause gum disease and decay.

We all know that the hardest part about flossing is taking the time to do it. Choose a time during the day that you can dedicate a couple of minutes to floss. Lastly, talk to your dentist to learn the proper technique so that flossing can have a greater impact.