Effects of Missing Teeth

We’ve talked before about the effects that periodontal disease can have on the rest of the body, but tooth loss has other effects that most people don’t think about.

Studies have shown that people that have fewer than 20 of their own teeth are more likely to become frail and have weak joints and muscles. It is assumed that people with fewer teeth might avoid certain foods because they are difficult to chew which causes a lack of nutrients. People with more than 20 of their own teeth consumed the most nutrients during the course of the study. Also, the space that is created by a missing tooth can also cause surrounding teeth to shift and sometimes cause bone loss as well.

A couple of replacement options to consider for missing teeth might be bridges, dentures or implants. Replacement options for missing teeth are always good, but of course it is better to have your natural teeth. It is important to start with proper home care to avoid losing teeth in the first place. Proper home care followed by regular dental visits is the best preventative measure to avoid losing teeth.