Low Exposure X-Rays In Lancaster County, PA

Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville and Lancaster County, PA, are dedicated to giving you the best treatment possible. That’s why we use low exposure x-rays. Dentistry is meant to preserve oral and bodily health. Low exposure x-rays help us do that.

Dental x-rays are responsible for the least amount of radiation exposure when considering the total amount of exposure from all medical sources, and is much lower than the exposure from x-rays at medical offices and hospitals.

The amount of radiation from a traditional dental x-ray represents 1/100th of the amount of radiation you encounter in your natural environment, so it’s already low. Bender Dental Group goes a step further by using low exposure x-rays. These x-rays reduce exposure by 80-90%.

Dental x-rays are essential in determining the state of your oral health. They help your dentist discover and identify tooth decay, abscesses, bone loss, problems below the gum line, and cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.

Your oral health is important, not just for the confidence a nice smile brings you, but for your overall health and longevity. Don’t hesitate to call Bender Dental Group today to schedule your next exam or teeth cleaning.