White Fillings In Lancaster County, PA

Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville and Lancaster County, PA, understands the desire for a natural looking smile. We offer white fillings that give you the appearance of having the smile you were born with.

White fillings are called “composite fillings”. This filling material, made from plastic and/or ceramic, were at one time not strong enough to use on back teeth.

With newer technologies, these fillings are now and have been for some time, stronger and able to withstand higher pressure and chewing. In fact, because composite fillings adhere to teeth, the stress of chewing is distributed over a greater area.

Composite fillings last 7-10 years as compared to 10-15 for silver amalgam fillings. While they may not last as long, they still have advantages that exceed amalgam.

Dentists have reduced visibility through silver and may not be able to see cavities and their level of decay in x-rays, resulting in further damage to your tooth and more filling or a root canal.

Amalgam can also present problems with teeth cracking and damage which can result in pain or the introduction of bacteria and eventually decay. 

Your dentist will discuss both options with you and recommend a course of treatment that is specific to your improved oral health.

Call Bender Dental today and set up an exam and our dentists will determine the best treatment options for you and get you started on a whiter smile!