Dental Implants In Lancaster County, PA

Dental implants give you the smile you want for life while appearing and feeling like your natural teeth. Bender Dental Group of Mountville, PA and the greater Lancaster County area, will give you the peace of mind that a permanent solution can bring.

Dental implants are to replace missing or damaged teeth as an alternative to dentures or bridges. You brush and floss around implants like you would with the teeth you were born with. Dental implants are individually placed so that surrounding teeth do not have to be altered or damaged.

The advantage of dental implants over dentures or bridges is that dental implants are the only solution that stimulates natural bone growth. Bone loss in the jaw line is what causes an advanced aged appearance and implants help prevent that.

Dental implant initial procedure involves inserting a post into the jawbone or on top of the jawbone just under the gum line. The patient then waits for a period of time for the gums to heal so that the posts or frame are properly fixed to the jaw. An artificial tooth is then affixed to the post. Most implants are permanent and last the life of the patient.

To discuss dental implant procedure options, set up an appointment with your Bender Dental Group dentist by calling our Mountville office today.