Increased Risk for Gum disease Caused by Obesity

According to an epidemiological study, the risk for periodontal disease is increased for patients with excess weight. In a report made by MedPage Today (5/17, Minerd), it is suggested that inflammation is likely to be a reason for such an increased risk. After considering multiple different aspects, the study found that people with a body mass index of 25 or higher had “more than quadruple the risk for severe periodontitis.” Dental inflammation was seen more in overweight people than those of a normal weight.

So, what is the correlation between inflammation and obesity? According to Food Navigator (5/17, Chu), “Obesity may modify the response of the host to the antigens derived from bacterial plaque and therefore cause disturbances in the inflammatory response during the process of periodontal disease.”

An excess of plaque is closely related to infection and periodontal inflammation. After the study was done, it was proven that people with a larger BMI have an increased risk of having gum disease.