Painless Extractions In Lancaster County, PA

There is no longer any need to fear pain during a tooth extraction. Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville, PA, and Lancaster County uses the most up to date methods to ensure that your extraction procedure is comfortable and pain-free.

If your dentist has recommended an extraction, or if you believe that it will be determined in an exam that you need one, don’t put it off. Leaving a tooth in your mouth, whether it be a painful wisdom tooth or a tooth that has more serious issues like advanced decay, can be detrimental to both your oral and physical health.

Decaying teeth that are not extracted can lead to the decay of other teeth in your mouth whether they are adjacent to that tooth or not. The bacteria and decay can also cause problems with your sinuses, and even worse, with other parts of your body and organs, most notably, your heart.

Dentists recommend extraction of wisdom teeth for several reasons. If the patient is in pain, the teeth are impacted or have contributed to abscesses, the dentist will likely recommend removal.

If the patient’s mouth is crowded and the wisdom teeth will be hard to reach, the dentist may recommend removal to prevent decay. In some patients, there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth. An exam and consultation with your dentist will determine whether or not you need an extraction.

Bender Dental Group’s commitment to pain-free extractions assures you that there is nothing to fear in having your tooth extracted. We will make you as comfortable as possible both before, during, and after the extraction.

Don’t put off your exam or extraction any longer. Call Bender Dental Group today to schedule your appointment!