Periodontal Disease can Cause Stomach Cancer

It seems like there are more and more links to health problems caused by gum disease. As if periodontal disease isn’t related to enough health problems a recent study found that people with poor oral health have an increased risk for precancerous gastric lesions leading to stomach cancer.

Researchers have seen that people with stomach cancer have signs of periodontal disease. They have bleeding during dental exams and higher levels of types of bacteria in their mouth that can lead to periodontal disease. Gum disease may increase peoples risk for sores in the digestive tract that can contribute to stomach cancer.

To put it into perspective, all of the bacteria caused by periodontal disease are released into your bloodstream and causes a handful of other medical problems. It is not just a dental condition, it is a medical condition. So as always, make your dental health a priority by practicing proper home care and seeing your dentist regularly!