Pregnancy can Affect Dental Health

Along with many other changes that happen during pregnancy, one of the changes that seem unrelated is your dental health. Many people are familiar with the obvious and common symptoms of pregnancy but many aren’t aware of the changes that can happen in your mouth.

Some dental problems such as gum disease and increased risk of tooth decay can be caused during pregnancy. The changes in your hormones during pregnancy can affect the way your body responds to the plaque that builds on your teeth. Not to mention, if you experienced vomiting or unusual cravings for sweets during pregnancy that doesn’t help you teeth either. Just like periodontal disease can lead to other problems in your body it can also cause harm to your baby. Premature birth and low birth weight has been linked to periodontal disease. With that, babies who are born prematurely have a higher risk of having other health problems.

It is always important to take care of your dental health with regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental exams but it is especially important during pregnancy. In fact, many insurance companies allow an extra visit to the dentist during pregnancy. Make sure to monitor any changes in your dental health such as excess bleeding or gum inflammation and contact your dentist if any changes occur.