Single Visit Root Canals In Lancaster County, PA

At Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville and Lancaster County, PA, we perform single service root canals so that you can get back on schedule as soon as possible with minimal interruption to your normal lifestyle.

Root canals used to be done in multiple visits to avoid inflammation in the newly cleaned canal. Now, with more advanced technology and procedures, the canal is thoroughly cleaned in one visit in most cases. Studies show that single visit root canals are now more successful than multiple visit treatments.

During your procedure, your dentist with anesthetizing the area so that you do not feel pain and, if needed, provide sedation. The pulp that has been damaged will be removed and then the canal will be cleaned and filled with a natural polymer.

Depending on your preferred treatment options, the tooth will be filled or a temporary or permanent crown will be placed over the tooth.

Call Bender Dental Group today to discuss your treatment plan with your dentist and set up an appointment for your root canal.