Teeth Whitening In Lancaster County, PA

A bright smile is a winning smile. At Bender Dental Group of greater Mountville and Lancaster County, PA, we do our best to help you have a healthy smile that increases your confidence and makes you feel your best.

At your teeth whitening consultation, we’ll examine your teeth to determine if they will benefit from teeth whitening procedures. Some conditions will not respond to teeth whitening and it is not possible to whiten crowns and bridges. In fact, if your dental plan calls for a crown or bridge in the near future, you will want to have your whitening procedure done first.

The methods we use to whiten your teeth are safe and effective whether they are administered in the office or at home. In office treatment usually lasts about one hour and home whitening treatment is done over a period that can range from days to weeks, depending on how much staining or discoloration is present.

If you are currently using over the counter whitening methods other than whitening toothpaste, or if you plan to, please consult your Bender dentist. The condition of your teeth may differ from other users and your dentist knows whether or not these methods are right and safe for your teeth.

Improper or overuse of home whitening methods, whether over the counter or as prescribed by your dentist, can cause irritation, bleeding gums, and even destruction of the tooth enamel. Always follow your dentist’s instructions carefully!

Call Bender Dental Group today to schedule a teeth whitening consultation and be on your way to a brighter smile!