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Preserving Your Smile

Bringing You A Healthy Smile

With over 30 years in the practice, Bender Dental Group in Lancaster County, knows that the key to maintaining a smile is personalized care. You can rest assured that your oral health is in good hands.

Offering advanced dental procedures, we work hard to prevent future problems that can occur in your oral health. At our family-friendly practice, you can expect us to focus on prevention techniques such as dental cleanings, early cavity laser detection, sealant application, fluoride treatments, home-care instructions, and even nutritional counseling.

We want to encourage overall body wellness and educate our patients on ways to preserve the natural teeth, avoid decay, and prevent gum disease.

Advanced Technologies

Itero Scanner

Modernizes our practice with fast scanning, colorized images, and an accelerated workflow.

Digital Radiography

Reducing the radiation from 75 to 8 percent of your oral and overall health by reducing your exposure by 80-90%.

Laser Soft Tissue Treatments

Ideal for navigating around preparations, sterilizing canals, treating periodontal disease, and even tooth whitening.

Ultrasonic & Air Polishing

Provides thorough teeth cleaning and plaque removal in a minimally invasive technique.

General Dentistry

We offer preventative dental care and diagnosis with the latest technological advances to administer painless laser cavity detection and treatment, minimally invasive digital radiography, intraoral videography, and fiber optic instrumentation.

Dental Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is essential when it comes to preventing oral health issues and preserving your smile. At Bender Dental Group, our staff can identify areas of your mouth that need extra attention with a cleaning. When you get your teeth cleaned twice a year or every six months, you can prevent bone loss in the jaw, tooth loss, or gum disease, which can all lead to overall health complications.

Gum Disease Treatment

Teeth cleanings are also essential in examining your gum pockets and tartar removal with specialized tools. When your immune system is fighting plaque and tartar, it can result in gum disease. Gum disease can lead to inflammation damaging your bone and tissue, weakening your body, and making it susceptible to other diseases. Trust Bender Dental Group to perform thorough cleanings and preventative care.

Low Exposure X-rays

At Bender Dental Group, we utilize low exposure X-rays when determining the state of your oral health. With low-radiation digital radiography, we preserve your oral and overall health by reducing your exposure by 80-90%. We can identify tooth decay, abscesses, bone loss, and problems below the surface without harming your overall health. Our focus is not only on a beautiful smile but mainly on your health longevity.

Pediatric Dental Care

Lifelong dental hygiene habits form from infancy to adolescence. At Bender Dental Group, we treat children of all ages and help instill pride in their oral health and life-long dental hygiene habits in a comfortable and pleasant environment. We are dedicated to assisting parents in encouraging children to maintain optimal oral health by informing them on proper brushing techniques, frequent checkups, tooth loss and regrowth expectations, and dental emergencies or injuries.

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